The international market research team, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, published a study this month about the moves of the planet’s wealthiest individuals. As a part of the investigation, they consider variables that affect wealth development, including economic growth, media freedom, and women’s security.

Australia has got the top spot for women’s security for the next year in a row.

1. Australia

2. Malta

3. Iceland

4. New Zealand

5. Canada

“Woman security is just one of the most effective methods to gauge a nation’s long-term riches growth possible, using a correlation of over 90 percent between historical riches rise and woman security levels,” the report explained.

“This usually means that riches growth is fostered by strong levels of girl to safety at a nation,” the report continued.

From 195 countries, the report stated just 58 had moderately reliable crime figures. Nations with undependable crime figures were excluded in the top .
Percent of each nation’s population that’s been a victim of crimes associated with rape, rape, human trafficking, and overall assaults on girls, over the last year.

The Majority of the nations in the top five will also be popular Destinations for high net-worth individuals, or individuals having a net worth of more than $1 million, according to the report. The majority of the states listed also have experienced powerful riches increase in the previous 20 decades.

Leading European cities, such as London and Paris, have observed a decrease in women’s security in the past couple of decades, it included.

The indicator also emphasized the safest states in Various areas around the globe:

Europe: Malta, Monaco, Iceland, Switzerland

Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea

Africa: Mauritius, Botswana, Namibia

Americas: USA, Canada

Several recent research also put Australia in high rankings associated with prosperity and security.

The International Peace Index 2018, which rankings major countries around the world how secure they are, called Australia that the 13th safest nation on the planet at June.

Credit Suisse also called Australia as the nation with the richest individuals on the planet in its own International Wealth Report 2018.

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