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She was doused in Kerosene and set on fire in her college in Bangladesh.

Her death after being set alight and everything which occurred in-between has gripped Bangladesh and attracted focus on the vulnerability of sexual harassment victims in this conservative South Asian nation.

Nusrat, that was 19, was out of Feni, a little town On 27 March, she explained the headmaster called her to his office and touched her in an improper way. Before things can proceed any further, she dashed out.

Many women and young Girls in Bangladesh decide to maintain their experiences of sexual abuse or harassment key for fear of being shamed by their own families. What left Nusrat Jahan distinct is that she did not only speak out she moved into the authorities with the support of her loved ones on the day the alleged abuse occurred.
Announcement. She must have been supplied with a secure environment to remember her traumatic experiences. Rather she had been filmed with the officer in charge on his telephone as she explained the ordeal.

From the movie Nusrat is visibly desperate and attempts to conceal her face with her palms. The movie was leaked to local websites.
‘I attempted to take her to college’

Nusrat Jahan Rafi was out of a little city, came from a traditional family, and moved into a religious college. For a woman in her place, reporting sexual harassment may come with impacts. Victims frequently face judgment in their communities, harassment, in person and on line, and in some instances violent strikes. Nusrat went to experience each these.

On 27 March, after she moved to the authorities, they detained the headmaster. The demonstration was organized by the two males pupils and local politicians were supposedly in attendance. People started to blame Nusrat. Her relatives say they began worrying about her security.

But on 6 April, 11 days following the alleged sexual attack, Nusrat went into her college to sit final tests.

“I Attempted to take my sister to college and attempted to enter the premises, but that I had been stopped and was not permitted to go into,” said Nusrat’s brother, Mahmudul Hasan Noman.

“If I had not been stopped, something like this would not have occurred to my sister,” he explained.

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