Student Burned to death for reporting sexual harassment

She was doused in Kerosene and set on fire in her college in Bangladesh. Her death after being set alight and everything which occurred in-between has gripped Bangladesh and attracted focus on the vulnerability of sexual harassment victims in this conservative South Asian nation. Nusrat, that was 19, was out of Feni, a little town […]

The White Supremacist Coast Guard officer who stockpiled arms and compiled a hit list of politicians isn’t facing domestic terrorism charges

Lt. Christopher Watson, a self-identified white supremacist to get”30 years” who had been detained on Feb. 15 for guns and drug possession, was tagged a”domestic terrorist” at a February indictment by national prosecutors, who alleged Hasson”plans to murder innocent civilians to a scale seldom seen in this nation.” But in Monday court , Hasson’s lawyer […]