Powerful New iPhone Expected After Apple’s Embarrassing Surrender

It appears like Apple will probably be only eighteen months late on the marketplace using a 5G iPhone, and it just took a embarrassing legal increase down for this to occur. Monday watched Huawei provide a source of 5G modems for the iPhone. This could be the first time that the maker offered its technologies […]

Apple and Qualcomm drop all litigation worldwide, ink new chipset deal

No one thought that Apple and Qaulcomm would make peace and cancel all legal actions against each other. But they both did an agreement on ceasing all litigations and signed a new chipset deal with each other. This news was announced by Apple via Business wire. Apple settled this deal with Qualcomm by paying an […]

Apple and Foxconn to start Mass Production of iPhones in India

Due to increase in the price of iPhone and decrease in the sale, Apple seems to be devoted toward India and is planning to start mass production of iPhone in India. As reported by Bloomberg, Taiwanese company Foxconn which is Apple’s biggest producer of iPhone is planning to start mass production of iPhone in India. […]