No one thought that Apple and Qaulcomm would make peace and cancel all legal actions against each other. But they both did an agreement on ceasing all litigations and signed a new chipset deal with each other. This news was announced by Apple via Business wire. Apple settled this deal with Qualcomm by paying an undisclosed amount and this deal will last for almost six years.
The two companies had disputes for years. However the lawsuit for all iteration was not same and both having patents think each other as trolls. The disputes were tied up in US and also other countries seems like both companies had no intentions to settle disputes among themselves.
Due to these infinite legal disputes, Qualcomm rejected to make any deal with Apple and leaving Apple to be dependent for chipsets on other companies mainly Intel. When comes to R&D Intel is far behind Qualcomm and this dependency of Intel annoyed Apple a lot. Due to these disputes Apple was facing major problem for the success of its leading product, iPhone. This was the reason why Apple decided to make settlement with Qualcomm and case all litigations.
News were heard that Apple on its own would make modems for their leading product iPhone but this didn’t seem to be helpful for making 5G iPhone even up till 2021. This weakness of Apple make it decide to sign a deal with Qualcomm and the deal was more in favor with Qualcomm.
As launch of new iPhones is expected in September by Apple, it doesn’t seems that Qualcomm would deliver its best in such short period in this regard.

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